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Standard Chartered Investments and Loans (India) Ltd.
Information Memorandum of Debentures Issued
Series Issue Date ISIN Mat Date Financial Year View
E001 28-Oct-09 INE403G07020 28-Apr-11 2009-10
E002 22-Jan-10 INE403G07038 23-Jan-12 2009-10
E003 23-Feb-10 INE403G07046 22-Mar-11 2009-10
E004 28-May-10 INE403G07053 28-May-12 2010-11
SCILL/2019-20/S01 24-Jul-19 INE403G07061 25-Jul-22 2019-20
SCILL/2020-21/S01 29–May–20 INE403G07079 29–May–23 2020-21
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